Core Values

At Unsullied Industries, our company philosophy and core values define us. We strive to embody these values 24/7 without fail. These values will be executed involuntary and intentionally, as they are a part of every fiber of our being. Unsullied is not just a commercial cleaning company, but a state of mind.


The spread of optimism within the workplace boosts the employer/employee’s overall well-being. Promoting positive qualities and recognizing others for their work will raise overall confidence, increasing happiness and involvement within the workplace, and decrease stress. (Get OUT stress!!)


We educate our employees on our products, tools, and machines to establish appropriate performance and proper usage. We understand that for the best performance, employees are required to take breaks/lunches when necessary. We want any unsafe working conditions to be reported and will take immediate action when hazardous working conditions are indicated.

Honest and respect

Professionally and personally, honesty and respect are a way of life. At Unsullied it is a part of every decision, every action and every outcome. Every one of our customers, partners and employees deserves to and will be treated with honesty and respect


We ensure to keep close contact with our cleaners and customers. We format our messages in ways that are easy to understand, and are received by our listeners in a positive, yet constructive manner. All communication should be personalized, to show a higher sense of care and attention to detail. This will ensure trust and respect within customer/employer/employee relations

Customer Satisfaction

We focus our efforts on creating loyalty with our customers. We are obsessed with your happiness and we delight our customers on a daily basis!

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